Gurguburek is an extreme and cacophonous duo. The noise enters bully together with free improvisation creating an apocalyptic music. The melodic moments alternate with ones of primordial chaos where the saxophone, completely unstructured, shows unusual, but highly suggestive, sounds.

Cristiano Bocci Live electronics, acoustic guitar, theremin, samples
Tobia Bondesan Tenor saxophone, corrugated plastic pipe and mouthpiece, wood flute


Old Postcards

Cristiano Bocci was born in Castel del Piano (GR) in 1975.
His music expands in several directions, moving from jazz to experimental and showing a constant research among acoustic instruments, sound synthesis and live electronics.
He was initiated to music at the age of 6 when he started studying guitar at the local music school and began a self-study of the bass guitar at 14. He studied classical guitar with Maestro Giuseppe Pedicelli until 1993 and later with Danilo Minotti, at CPM Milan and Roberto Nannetti at the Siena Jazz Foundation. In 1995 he took part in the Clinics of the Berklee School at the Umbria Jazz Festival, studying guitar with Jim Kelly and improvisation with Bruce Gertz. He began to study doublebass with Ferruccio Spinetti, at the Siena Jazz Foundation in 1998 and later worked with Ares Tavolazzi, Raffaello Pareti, Saverio Miele, Franco Fabbrini and Silvia Bolognesi.
He started to be interested in avant-garde music in 1993 under the guidance of Maestro Ugo Maccari. In 2001, he held a seminar, at the University of Pavia, on the algebraic analysis of the score of Nomos Alpha by Iannis Xenakis.
In 2006, he founded the collective “Corporazione dei Suoni e dei Rumori”, a group of musicians bound together by a common interest in sound experimentation. He has been a Biarnel Artist, a collaborator and developer of the double bass side, since 2009.
In 2010, he took part in the workshop at the Greycat Festival in Massa Marittima, following courses held by Stefano Cocco Cantini, Piero Borri, Ares Tavolazzi.
During repeated stays in the US, from 2002 to 2008, he discovered the theremin and deepened his competence in Computer Music, with particular attention to Live Electronics and Sound Synthesis. In 2012, he followed a course of experimental music and free improvisation with Alessio Riccio.
In recent years, he has performed in important festivals and on prestigious stages: Premio Tenco (in 2012) in Sanremo (IM), Botteghe d’Autore (in 2011 and 2012) in Albanella (SA), Festival Resistente (in 2012) in Grosseto, Voci per la Libertà (in 2011) in Villadose (RO), Zappa Day (in 2011) in Sarteano (SI), Alterazioni 2011 in Arcidosso (GR), Festa della Musica 2010 in Montalcino (SI), Lucca Comics (in 2008 and 2007), RigoJazz Festival 2008 in Rigomagno (AR), Sarteano Jazz and Blues 2007 in Sarteano (SI), Via Cava 2007 at Parco di Pietra di Roselle (GR), Arena della Musica 2007 a Lucca, Live Rock Festival of Beer (in 2006) ad Acquaviva (SI), Teatro Ariston di Sanremo (IM), Teatro Poliziano di Montepulciano (SI) and Teatro degli Industri (GR).
As a doublebass-player, he has played with Stefano Cocco Cantini, Piero Borri, Francesco Maccianti, Emanuele Bocci, Giacomo Dal Pra, Fabrizio Bai, Francesco Bucchioni and Mauro Perigozzo. He has played - using electronics – with “Compagnia Musicale Le Voci del Vicolo”, “Miwa e i suoi Componenti”, New Border Ensemble (conductor: Mirco Mariottini), Buddha Combo Jazz Quartet and Choobalooba Tireless Summit (with Andrea “Atreio” Marcucci”). He collaborates on theater/dance and visual arts projects and holds seminars on sound synthesis, and its applications to jazz, in various music schools (including the Siena Jazz Foundation).

Selected Discography

As a soloist:

Cristiano Bocci – “Instruments”, Acustronica, 2013

Fabrizio Bai / Cristiano Bocci – “Il Cielo oltre Batignano”, Ed. Six bars Jail, 2011

As musician and/or special guest:

Verdiana Raw – “Metaxy”, Ark Records, 2012

VV.AA. “Voci per la Libertà”, Ed. Cinico Disincanto, 2012

Emanuele Bocci “Un po’ Gabbiano”, Horus Music Group, 2010

Miwa e i suoi componenti – “Go ! Go ! Go !”, Tana delle tigri records, 2008

Le voci del vicolo – “Le voci del Vicolo”, Blond records, 2008

Tobia Bondesan was born in the province of Siena (Poggibonsi), in Tuscany, on August 14th, 1990.
For a case entirely fortuitous (a substitute music teacher in school was a saxophonist) began playing the alto saxophone at the age of 12, pushed by the teacher, who noticed his easy approach to wind instruments.
Since then he fell in love with the instrument and began attending, after a couple of years of private practice, the winter courses of Siena Jazz: after the first steps in this school, he enrolled in the five-year degree, which completed in 2013, with a thesis on open forms.
Meanwhile he switch almost definitively to tenor sax, attending several workshops both in Siena (where he take part to Siena Seminars in 2008, 2011, 2013, attends with interest the stages of Silvia Bolognesi's open combo, and he's offered the workshop with Enrico Rava), and in other cities.
He attends annual courses with improvisers and professionals of various branches of contemporary music such as Stefano Bartolini (sax) and Alessio Riccio (drums).
At 23 he enrolled in the first year of the Siena Jazz University, which now has almost completed: in this learning environment he has a chance to study with Achilles Succi, Stefano Franceschini and Peter Tonolo as teachers of the instrument, at the same time hooking up with major figures like Stefano Battaglia,Maurizio Giammarco, Marco Tamburini, Giovanni Falzone, Ferruccio Spinetti, Silvia Bolognesi, Simone Graziano, Paolo Birro, Stefano Onorati, Tony Cattano, Roberto Rossi, Roberto Spadoni, Alessandro Giachero and many others. He also get the possibility of attend workshops held by international jazz's leading figures such as Tim Berne, Steve Lehman, Michael Blake, John Taylor, Reuben Rogers and others.
His musical formation grows both in large ensembles and big bands (ABB, new world music ensemble by Mirco Mariottini, Siena Jazz University big band) and in several small groups.
In 2011 he forms the Uroboro Open Collective, an octet, centered on conduction, of musicians from several tuscan cities, and at the same time he attends environments of free improvisation in Florence and Pisa (Improzero, Cobralibre).
In July 2014 he founded a collective of improvisers that brings together musicians from all over Italy: BlueRing-Improvisers. The experience is positive and proves to be a vehicle for the exchange of ideas for many participants.
Meanwhile, with the new project Fabbrica 5 composes and arranges songs. With this group he classified on the podium for the competition promoted by Conad: he plays on the main stage of the Umbria Jazz in the summer of 2014. With the same group will also play at the festival "Novametis" of Modena.
He often works in duo: in duo Brotherood with his brother Michele (double bass) and in duo Gurguburek with Bocci Cristiano (live electronics), with whom, after the album "Instruments", has released the album "Old Postcards". He has been called to record brass lines in some pop-rock projects: he appears on the albums, among others, of Choramlete and Profusion.
In addition to live performances and teaching, he composed the music of the show "Icarus", represented in several major Italian theaters, and the soundtracks for several short films.