Sava Marinkovic is a musican born on 29 January 1991 in Pancevo - Serbia. He is mainly a guitar player, but also works with different instruments. His style is often associated with ambient/electronic, and free improvised music. As electronic/experimental guitarist he started solo career in February 2013 as Acustronica published his “Nowhere Near” debut album. He is also known as guitarist and sound designer in many other projects and bands (“She Is I” – experimental movie project, “Demetrin”, “NRK”, “Obala Nesta”…). Have lots of music collaborations, co-operations and recordings with many musicians. He plays a custom “Leo” guitar produced by German company “LeoGuitars”, and he is an endorser for their instruments. He is influenced by musician like: David Sylvian, Christian Fennesz, Eivind Aarset.