Massimo Discepoli - Parallax

  • 03
    Fine dust
  • 04
    Above the electric clouds
  • 07
    Settling down
  • 08
    A random place in the sea
  • 09
    White sky




"Parallax" is the first album that drummer and multi-instrumentalist Massimo Discepoli releases under his real name. Unlike his better known works, carried out under the pseudonym Nheap, on this record the italian musician chooses a much more experimental and organic approach. Although Ambient music is the genre of reference, here it is dealt with in an extremely personal way: on one hand, by inserting an acoustic drumset that in most cases abandons the role of mere rhythm accompaniment, becoming instead a coloristic and often a leading instrument; on the other hand, using compositional techniques as microtonality, asymmetrical structures, overlapping phrases of different lengths that, in a subtle way, contribute to give a great feeling of "openness" to the music, making it ever-changing and perceivable in a different way with each listen.



  • "A striking work" Battiti (Radio Rai 3)

    "A beautiful journey" À découvrir absolument

    "This album is a real treat for musicians of all sorts and dreamers alike" Peek-A-Boo

    "The album seems to be completely singular. Discepoli’s experiments pay off– Parallax is highly recommended." Foreign Accents

    "Percussionist Massimo Discepoli introduces a modified sound on Parallax, with melodic ambience that borders on post-rock" A Closer Listen

    "A varied set of ambient soundscapes in which the foregrounding of instrumentation helps establish and maintain (for the most part) a sense of direction in an all-too-often meandering musical genre" The Sound Projector

    "The pieces are exquisite miniatures, detailed and precise, able to contain whole worlds within them" We need no swords

    "Ambient music without compromise, in which the main instrument is still, surprisingly, the acoustic drum, albeit transfigured in a new role" Suono (June 2015)

    "Eight compositions[...]that rise above the average by virtue of very fine textures, with drum parts in the background that give dynamism and fullness to the sound.[...]A good album." Blow Up (October 2014)

    "Eight ambient fluorescence to light in the gloom" Kathodik

    "A delicious paradox" Drumset Mag (December 2014)

    "It's a fascinating journey from start to finish, through various moods and levels of intensity[...]Fans of atmospheric music should give this a listen; it might keep them up at night — in the best possible way." Exposé

    "One (talented) man ambient album, somewhat unique in the prominent placement of drums" KFJC 89.7 FM

    "High quality music for connoisseurs" Darkroom

    "A minimal ambient basis on which [Massimo Discepoli] lays percussion improvisations, usually discrete and lightweight" EtherREAL

    "Parallax is a seeming paradox that ends up being a delight to listen to." Stationary Travels

    "An abstract and classy work" Arlequins

    "The originality in the Parallax experience lies in providing a different point of view: you can soar in the infinite spaces with the help of electronics, but you never get the impression of constructions built for their own sake. You feel part of a continuous movement, without the risk of ever losing the beat." TraKs

    "There is a certain feeling of momentum on display in these compositions that is often missing in other ambient material due to the musical accents the percussion provides. It’s a fascinating musical experiment and a successful one I would say, adding yet another dimension to a musical form that tries to avoid being overly direct. In the end I quite enjoyed what was going on here. It’s kind of a bold place to take the ambient genre and worth investigating." The Progressive Rock Files

    on air/featured on: SomaFM, In the Quiet, All About Jazz, X-Rated (, Le Carillon (CISM 89,3 FM), Crow Versus Crow, Radio On Berlin, Lord Litter, Anima Jazz, Radio Kras, O domínio dos deuses